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Natasha's Law - do you provide "pre-packed for direct sale" food??


Natasha’s Law – charities need to be aware of new laws around allergen labelling


On 1 October 2021, the way that organisations provide allergen information on ‘pre-packed for direct sale’ (PPDS) food has changed. The changes have come about following a campaign by the parents of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who tragically died from an allergic reaction to a Pret-a-Manger baguette which contained sesame seeds to which she was severely allergic. Charities, including those running care homes, schools and hospitals, which offer PPDS food need to be aware of the changes and implement the required labelling changes. Charities with trading companies should also consider whether they provide PPDS food. The changes affect England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

What is PPDS food?
PPDS is food which is packaged at the same place that it is offered to consumers and is in packaging before it is ordered or selected. Examples of PPDS food are sandwiches, salads, bakery items, and burgers or other fast food which is packaged and is kept under heat lamps and cannot be altered without removing the packaging. It can include food that a customer selects themselves (e.g. from a display unit) as well as products kept behind a counter and some food sold at mobile or temporary outlets. The Food Standards Agency has an Allergen and ingredients food labelling decision tool which can help you ascertain whether the food items you are selling are PPDS foods.

What is not PPDS food?
Any food that is not in packaging or is packaged after being ordered by the consumer is not a PPDS food. These are types of non-prepacked food and do not require a label with name, ingredients and allergens emphasised. Allergen information must still be provided but this can be done through other means, including orally. Food packed by one business and supplied to another business is prepacked food and already must have full labelling, including the name of the food and a full ingredients list, with allergenic ingredients emphasised within it.

Food deliveries/distance selling
The change to labelling requirements does not apply to PPDS food sold by means of distance selling, such as food that can be purchased over the phone or on the internet. Businesses selling PPDS food this way will need to ensure that mandatory allergen information is available to the consumer before they purchase the product and also at the moment of delivery.

What is changing?
Labelling will be required on all food which is PPDS. This change means that allergen information will be included on the label of each item of PPDS food to enable people to make safe choices.

What will need to be included on the label?
The label should state the name of the food (e.g. Cheese and Tomato sandwich) and then include a full list of ingredients. If any of the 14 allergens required to be declared by law are contained in the food they must be emphasised on the list, for example, by making them bold.

What should we do now?
You need to check whether your charity or trading company provides any PPDS food. Detailed guidance on the steps that you need to take as well as sector specific guidance is available from the Food Standards Agency.

To follow the work of The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation, please click here.

Job Vacancy - Finance Manager at Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind

 Further information here

Monday, 18 October 2021

Another opportunity from Lloyds Bank Foundation for Merthyr Tydfil groups

 Join our training programme to build your skills in the practice of Service Design 

 We're offering the opportunity to join a short programme that provides a practical, interactive introduction to the principles, tools and methods of Service Design. It will give you an overview of what service design is and how it can be applied in a real context to help create better services for both users and service providers.

 Want to sign up to an Introductory Session? Click here

 This introductory session will provide a brief overview of Service Design, why it's useful, and how it can improve services and systems. It will also delve into why we design services and the impacts of using a design methodology.

 You will have the choice of two dates for this Introductory Session, either the 26 October or 3 November.

This introductory session is followed by a further three sessions which makes up a training programme around the principles, tools and methods of Service Design.

The dates for the next sessions are:

  • Wednesday 17th November, 2-5pm Setting Up & Explore
  • Wednesday 1st December, 2-5pm: Idea Generation
  • Wednesday 15th December, 2-5pm: Prototyping & Delivering Services

Who this programme is for

Anyone who designs, delivers or has used services across voluntary, community and public sectors and wants to learn how the practice of Service Design can improve services locally. This is specifically aimed at anyone working in the six communities that are working with Lloyds Bank Foundation on system change - Great Yarmouth, Redcar and Cleveland, Bolsover, Telford and Wrekin, Merthyr Tydfil and Halton.

 About the Training Facilitator - Dr Laura Warwick 

Laura is a Senior Lecturer in Service Design and Social Innovation at Northumbria University. She works with local and national organisations to support them to use Service Design to improve their services and systems. Some of these organisations include Mind, The National Lottery Community Fund, and GirlGuiding UK. And she is currently supporting Lloyds Bank Foundation with our People and Communities work in six communities across England and Wales.

 Find out more and sign up here

Age Connects have a Vacancy

 Job Title:                                  Service Manager – Advice and Administration

Reports to:                               Head of Enterprise

Hours:                                       37 hpw

Salary:                                       £24,000 per annum

Application deadline:            27 October 2021, midday

Interviews:                               10 November 2021

Website page:                         https://www.ageconnectsmorgannwg.org.uk/service-manager

MTHA have a vacancy - part-time Community Development Officer



Monday, 11 October 2021

Funding Day 22 October 2021 at 10:30 via Zoom

 Please find a poster giving more details of the funding Event being hosted by Gerald Jones MP and Dawn Bowden MS on 22 October 2021, together with a link to get an invite to the event.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Poster here


Keeping Well this Winter

 The links below take you to  a leaflet produced by the  Older Persons Commissioner for Wales and funded by Welsh Government with practical tips that will help older people to feel more prepared and confident about getting out and about again and to keep well through the winter months, as well as details of whom to contact for help or support.

In English here

In Welsh here

Free Webinar from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust - Managing your Community Asset Transfer





Thursday 21st October, 2021
11:00am - 13:15pm

Ensuring a successful transfer of a property into community ownership can be fraught with challenges. This FREE 2 hour webinar will provide the knowledge, confidence and understanding to manage your community asset transfer effectively.

The webinar is funded by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust and delivered by the Ethical Property Foundation - the UK's leading property advice charity. 

Topics will include:

  • how taking on an asset can benefit your organisation;
  • how to engage with local authorities;
  • what you need to know about Land Registry;
  • pre-transfer guidance;
  • the transfer process;
  • negotiating and managing your lease - what you need to know;
  • demystifying legal jargon;
  • different lease arrangements;
  • what trustees need to be aware of;
  • funding;
  • understanding and managing TUPE arrangements and
  • timescales.

Attendees will also receive a comprehensive information pack, templates and follow up bespoke 1:1 support if required.

To book please click the link below.

CRT Wales


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The Coalfields Regeneration Trust

Together TV - Green Challenge Toolkit

Together TV has launched its Green Challenge Toolkit. People can register on individual basis for free basil seeds, a weekly calendar, recipe cards, exclusive tutorials and friendly tips on how to grow them – and cook them too! For registrants under 18 years old, we recommend what many schools are currently doing: asking a child’s family member to register on their behalf, so they will be able to follow the journey together.  Visit the link below for details of how to register.