Friday, 22 December 2017

NEW 50+ Support Service at Merthyr Housing

Are you 50+ and homeless, threatened with or at risk of becoming homeless?
MTHA is here to help if you are 50+ and homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or have housing related issues such as rent arrears, problems with benefits and debt worries.

Our support Service can give you general and specialist housing and tenancy advice if you are experiencing any difficulties within your home.

We can support you to register on the common Housing register and generally advocate on your behalf.

Our services are all provided on a one to one basis in tenants' own homes.

Our support is on-going to help you successfully sustain and maintain your tenancy.

Our objective is to...

Support and empower you to gain the confidence to deal with any issues you are facing.
Help with budgeting and money management training to increase financial confidence in order to deal with the challenges brought in by the welfare reform.
Support with life skills that will help you to maintain and sustain your tenancy.
Provide support and access to employment opportunities.
Work with you on a one to one basis in your own home at your convenience.

Please contact Thomas on 01685 352800 for help and advice.

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