Thursday, 27 October 2016

Welsh Government Consultation on Building Resilient Communities/Communities First

The Welsh Government have recently opened a consultation regarding a new approach to building resilient communities and Communities First.  Please find further details below plus a link to the consultation.   Please encourage your members/clients to complete the survey.

The new approach focuses on three priority areas of Employment, Early Years and Empowerment. By prioritising in this way, we want to create communities that offer children the best start in life, communities that are ready and able to work and communities where the voices of local people are heard clearly when decisions are made.

As well as asking for your views on how these priorities can support greater prosperity and resilience, we are seeking views from people who have personal experience of Communities First. The programme was launched 15 years ago, and has supported many people in some of our most deprived communities. In that time, however, our economy and society have been through huge changes. Consequently, the Cabinet Secretary for Communities has said that he is minded to phase out the Communities First programme. He is clear that the employability programmes, Communities for Work and LIFT, will continue.

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