Thursday, 11 June 2015

Supporting Fuel Poor Communities in England and Wales - Funding available

Supporting fuel poor communities in England and Wales
NEA is delivering a new and innovative project to help households reduce energy consumption and alleviate fuel poverty across England and Wales.  Funding is now available for organisations to bid for the Technical Innovation Fund:
The Technical Innovation Fund will support the installation and evaluation of energy saving products (such as hybrid heating technologies, air heat pumps, domestic biomass, district heating, park home insulation, hard to treat cavity insulation, boiler optimisation etc) into fuel poor households in selected areas of England and Wales.
Partners will apply for funds to enable them to install the technologies and provide enhanced support to the households and allow NEA to monitor and report on the qualitative and quantitative effect of the technology.
NEA will also work with the successful bidder to develop a complementary training and support package, available to the wider community.

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