Friday, 9 January 2015

Find out about the new Social Services and Well Being Act

There will be a significant role for the third sector as a consequence of the emphasis on prevention in the new Social Services and Well Being Act. To find out more come along to our event at 9.30am on Friday 16th January.

It will transform the way social services are delivered, promoting people’s independence to give them a stronger voice and more control. It will also encourage a renewed focus on prevention and early intervention.

The Act will:
  • Strengthen powers for the safeguarding of children and adults, so that vulnerable people at risk can be protected more effectively;
  • Ensure people are assessed on what they need, rather than just on what services are available locally;
  • Introduce portable assessments, which means if people move from one part of Wales to another they will not need to worry about whether they will receive services in their new area;
  • Facilitate an increased take up of  direct payments to meet people’s care and support needs, meaning people will have more control over how these needs are met;
  • Introduce a National Outcomes Framework to set out very clearly what children and adults can expect from social services, to measure achievements and see where improvements are needed;
  • Introduce equivalent rights for carers so that people who care for someone such as an elderly or disabled relative or friend would get similar rights to the people they care for; and
  • Establish a National Adoption Service to improve the outcomes of children in need of a permanent family.

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