Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Holocaust Memorial Day 2015

As you may or may not be aware this day was created on 27 January 2000 when representatives from 46 governments around the world met in Stockholm to discuss Holocaust education, remembrance and research. As a result Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) has been commemorated within the UK since 2001 and is a day for everyone to remember the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust, under Nazi persecution and in the subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. The day aims to honour survivors of these regimes and challenge ourselves to use the lessons of their experiences to create a safer, better future.
Next year will mark two important anniversaries - the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia. In order to do this the theme is Keep the memory alive by exploring and sharing the powerful stories of survivors.
Last year the theme was ‘Journeys’ and there were more than 2,400 activities that took place across Britain in public spaces, libraries, schools, universities, cinemas, prisons, workplaces and many more. 
I am hoping to encourage you to consider either creating your own or taking part in a Holocaust Memorial Day activity for 2015. The activities can be as small or as big as you wish from displaying posters / screensavers through to an event; diverse from a book club discussion, film showing through to a commemorative garden; it maybe that you choose to come together with other organisations to mark the day and pool resources. Also you are not beholden to hold the activity on Tuesday 27 January 2015. For example some are held before or after the 27 January, or there may even have a programme of activities.
There are some fantastic Free resources and support available to assist organisers. Please see below some handy links on the HMD website:
The packs were launched September and contain lots of information. Packs can be ordered through the above link.  I am in the process of trying to establish what will be available in the Welsh language, however there are already some life stories translated and some education resources.
Within the Free resources there are some life stories pertinent for the 2015 theme of Keeping the memory alive. There are also book and film reviews, lesson plans, posters, podcasts, films, presentations etc.
The above link will take you to the web page that will have all the registered events advertised.
Finally, I have attached a brief article that can be used in newsletters, emails etc to help to promote HMD. I would be grateful if you could help to distribute this and / or place the information on your website.
If you need any further information from me then please do not hesitate to get in touch. I tend to work Thursdays and Fridays for HMDT in case you don’t get an immediate response.
Diolch / Thanks
Sally Richards
Wales National Support Worker
Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
Keep the memory alive - Holocaust Memorial Day 2015
'If something happens, I would want there to be somebody who would remember that someone named D.Berger had once lived. This will make things easier for me in the difficult moments.'
David Berger, in his last letter before being murdered by Nazis in Vilnius, 1941
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